Still feeling my Way

“Be. Drop becoming.”


My apologies for the radio silence.

As you may have seen, my blog was hacked and, as a result, I had no access for several days.

In the interim, though, I have taken the opportunity to think about my blogging.

When I came to blogging, I realised that it provided me with many options, but I never saw it as  a sales-led platform. For me, it was a way of expressing my passion for a subject,  and connecting. Like most early bloggers, I immersed myself in the landscape, and whilst I can name many influential people (Godin et al), I never wanted to be regarded as the next anything.

I just wanted to be me (hackneyed but true); and

to express my identity through my writing.

Over the coming months, I aim to take a more focused approach. It is likely that I will blog less frequently – but at least once a week – but in a way where the body of work focuses on the things that continue to inspire me.

My challenge: to articulate how we have the power to become the most of anything, which has been my (torch) light from the start.

– Julian

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