stop looking for all the answers



and still they come

How can we become more profitable?

How can we differentiate our offering?

Why do we carry on business in this way?

Why can’t we communicate better with our staff?

What makes us different?

What do we hope to achieve in the next 12 months?


Does anyone have them?

But more importantly

will anyone listen?

Running a business, any type of business, is hard.

It requires:

  • fortitude
  • strength of purpose
  • drive
  • purpose
  • energy
  • luck
  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership
  • money
  • keeping your head
  • belief.

The truth is that no one has all the answers.

In fact, even where a model is called in aid (please no more quotes from Good to Great by Jim Collins), there is no guarantee that replicant businesses work.

Take the classic business franchise.

Systems coming out of every orifice.

You can’t help but notice how everything looks, feels and is delivered in robotic, metronomic fashion.

But, in case you haven’t noticed, the system is breaking down. Even if the profit is holding up, people soon get tired of same old same old. And where does that lead the investors?

To come up with an even better system or better surroundings?

Great businesses deliver a great experience.

That’s it.

Yes, they have to collect on the delivery.

Yes, they have to keep everyone motivated.

Yes, they have to keep the systems from breaking.

But it’s what we are left to feel after we have bought.

listen to the pauses – the gaps in the conversation – the silence.

how hard can it possibly be?

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