Stop putting things off

It’s Monday.

So what!

You know what lies ahead: The work that comes through slogging it out until Friday.

If you are anything like me, as a lawyer, I spent the weekend recuperating and thinking about how the following week was going to be different. But, in truth, it made no difference: The system wore me down to the point where I resigned myself to another week of mediocrity.

The thing is if you want to design a life that that mirrors who you are, fuels your passion and makes you come alive then, as cliched as it may sound, it won’t happen by happenstance.

You have to stop doing the same shit every week.

Do more of the stuff that you love – you know the stuff where you feel like a real version of you, and not someone who is constantly pretending.

Work is work.

Following your passion is entirely different.

Forget the money just for once. If you have to adjust when you get up and go to sleep then that is a small price to pay for living a life on your terms and not one decreed by a multitude of others – the boss etc.

Yes, you have to pay the bills and all that stuff but the fear of losing only comes when you can’t see how your passion mirrors financial security. And, let me tell you, no matter how hard you try, you won’t mirror your passion with your current income. It’s only when you let go of the need to earn that you will understand what it feels to live a life of purpose.

If you follow your art, the money will snap at your heels.

You need to ask the simple question.

Am I happy?

Don’t lie.

If not, then start living your life, and not existing from one day to the dull next.

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