Social Media

Stop taking social media so seriously

For God’s sake, lighten up.

When I look at some of the stuff that’s pumped out across social media, I question whether people actually believe what they’re saying.

It’s the most oft repeated expression I know — social media lacks a social context; but if that’s right, it’s not just about the conversation person to person, it’s about injecting the real you into the dialogue.

Seriously, when you look at what people are saying, you have to question if they’ve read the script. Oh sure, they’re on message with the brand, but I want to know what they think, not what they think they should say.

My advice: drop the pretence, lighten up and have fun. If not, why the hell bother? At the end of the day, I want to deal with a person, not a robot. Even if you’re selling professional services, I won’t think anything less of you if, just once in a while, you blow off steam or tell me what gets your juices flowing. Let’s be honest, if work is your thing, and nothing else, I’m going to wonder what the hell I’ve got in common with you.

I know it’s hard to balance the personal with the professional but social media doesn’t work ensconced in a vacuum. Sooner or later the open nature of the paradigm will force or demand that you find your voice. (Note: Brand You doesn’t mean a singular voice; it necessitates a personality — accept that you’re not going to please everyone.)

If there’s a point to this short post it’s simply to let go, accept that failure is part of what social is about and be real. I know your inclination is to get it right, but trust me as someone who’s fallen flat on their face more than once, you learn nothing by command and control or doing the minimum possible. Indeed, if you’re not prepared to stir the pot once in a while, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to take pay attention to you.