Stories sell – period

Law firm marketing is not about a logo, a picture or two on your website, a particular pantone colour or the most ego-centric bios.

It is about the story.

Stories sell – period.

Work out what your brand says.

How do clients respond to your colour, particularly if you are going to change it.

We here a lot about *things* going viral but what we actually mean is a story going viral, and that may start by word of mouth. Even something like the Blendec video that has 9,767,226 hits is all about the story – a legendary story.

When you next sit down to pontificate on your firm’s brand ask yourself: “What’s the story?”

And, as we all know once something is out there – helpful or not – it is hard to change the perception or attitude of those who see your brand, website of printed material and form a particular judgement.

~ JS ~

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