Supporting my work

This is my main site.

In time, I’ll update the content to reflect what I’m now doing and able to offer — both during the Covid19 pandemic and thereafter.

If you look at the blog page, I’ve not written for a while. Instead, I’ve been writing a daily piece to Livejournal and, very recently, a daily poem on Tumblr.

Currently, all this content is free and has to be squeezed in-between my job as in-house counsel, being a dad and husband and keeping on top of all those lovely domestic chores! I’m not sure how much time I spend each day, but it’s a few hours, sometimes more but rarely less.

For a while now, I’ve been wondering if and how I should seek your financial support. There is an oncost including hosting this site (circa £200), cloud storage (Drive and Flickr — c.£110)  and a small cost to maintain my Livejournal page ($20 from memory).

Is Patreon or buymecoffee the most appropriate way, or should I include a donate button and leave it to your discretion?

I’d love to know.