R.I.P. your Unique Selling Proposition (‘USP’)

Q. What is your USP?

A. [blank]

Let’s face it, the idea of a USP seems wonderful – one in a million – but so few businesses (if any) have something that distinguishes what they do from their competitors.

My advice. Kill off the idea of a USP and, instead, do the basics better than anyone else.

When I say ‘basics’ it could be as mundane, but important, as answering the phone to how you deal with complaints.

Nowadays, business makes such heavy weather of things that previously we took for granted e.g. having personal contact. They say that they are improving the service but, in truth, they are doing what works for them (I don’t recall my telephone service provider asking me if I wanted to go through a complex number system before speaking to a real person).

The key question is

What is missing?

If you can get the small things right then they will, in time, earn the attention you seek. Often just doing what you say and saying what do is enough to get people talking positively about the brand. Of course, if you are prepared to do something that goes way beyond the norm, then you may just find that gives you the edge that you have been so desperately seeking.

I could go on but here is a Audiboo recording which expands the point.

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