Making a ruckus

“The greatest crises of our lives is neither economic, intellectual, nor even what we call religious. It is a crises of imagination. We get stuck on our paths because we are unable to re-imagine our lives differently from what they are right now. We hold on desperately to the status quo, afraid that if we let go, we will be swept away by the torrential undercurrents of our emptiness.

Marc Gafni, The Mystery of Love

My dream has never deserted me: to see everyone achieve their potential.

Call it my dent in the Universe, if you like; but it is something that has inspired, cajoled, infuriated and motivated, often to the chagrin of many.

Social media was my vision for providing a gateway of opportunity; and I still remain true to the cause. But, as I have said before – and it is important not to lose sight of this – social media is not the end nor necessarily the means. It is just a suite of democratising tools.

Fundamentally, knowing what we want is far more important.

Why this as opposed to that …?

I have, for the last few months, taken time to analyse where my passion for life coalesces with my dream.

In short, where do I feel most alive?

In truth I come alive most when I am listening to live music. It’s when I feel happiest but I cannot conceive of an enterprise to enable me to live my dream – I am far too old to start thinking about being a DJ or music producer!

Apart from music, I love business. Not just mine but working with everyone who has a passion for the enterprise – theirs or the people that they work for.

As I see it, and despite the deep frustration that many people experience in the business of work, it offers the greatest opportunity for us to live out a meaningful and useful life. It’s not just that we end up spending so much of our time working, it’s more a question of ensuring it fulfils our human potential.

Of course, there are many people who hate work or the business they work in; but I fundamentally believe that that is a product of not aligning their dreams, passion, vision  and purpose with the work they are doing.

The thing is we are two people: the person that we witness in the mirror everyday; and the daemon who cries out to us from within. Too often we focus on fulfilling the expectations externally without thinking enough about the internal.

For me business has always been about the pursuit of something bigger than me. Michael Gerber calls this the ‘Impersonal Dream’. I’m not sure if that is apt to describe my modus operandi, but all I know is that I am not happy unless I am helping others. And right now I am determined to make a ruckus in the small business world. It’s where I believe I can make the biggest difference in the time I have left.

My mission: To awaken as many people as I can to the endless possibility that the enterprise offers. I say enterprise because I don’t want to limit the appeal of my offering to only those starting a new business or already in one. I want to reach out to those people who may never have the courage to face down their demons and leave the safe haven of paid employment, but still hanker after something more.

So there you have it.

A new direction for me.

And I have lots to do.

But I am excited, motivated, scared, enlivened and determined to make this work.

I will still be maintaining my blogging output but it is likely that I will bring my previous strands of social media, the power of brand you and entrepreneurship under one roof. I am in the process of rebuilding my site to make the navigation easier in mobile and tablet format but I will also be changing the content to make it appeal to a larger community. I hope that in time my site becomes the go to location for small business entrepreneurs with me showcasing other people, their products and some of the best success stories out there.

I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expected me to be doing but I have to follow the calling of my muse and not get stuck in one area when life and work means so much more to me.