Brand You

The Importance of a Personal Brand

If you have a few minutes, can I invite you to watch one of these videos.

There is no single theme save that the message is ‘theirs’.

Some of you may not care a jot for what they have to say but, picking up on the “Extinct or Distinct” quote that I left you with the other day, there is no doubt that each of these stands out – or rather the people behind the message stand out.

So what, you’re asking?

In a sea of similar providers – legal services or otherwise – the only way to stand out, is to go to work on your reputation, rather than allow it to develop by osmosis.

You may feel that brands have a poor reputation – there are certainly some who have made a mess of things – but, in this ever connected world, there is no escaping the need to be real and authentic.

Think of it as your on-line reputation if you like but by the time you have posted a few Tweets, status undates on LinkedIn and had your name in the bright lights of blogging, you can bet that people will start to figure you out.

My thing is to work with you to become the most of anything.

It could be social media but underpinning this you have to have your story worked out.

“I am the best [name] in the World.”

If you don’t then someone else will write it for you. And you may not like what they say!

The tone of your conversation, your content and your community will hasten the leverage of your brand and next time you ask yourself if all this on-line stuff counts, ask yourself what you would look at first when checking out a supplier. It won’t be  the latest advertisement in Yellow Pages or such similar publication. They will go straight for Google or another search engine.

Of course, it’s not just about your on-line presence – you have to come up to proof in person.

You can’t expect to hide behind the firm’s messaging forever. You will have to be expressive of a view in one shape or another.

Make sure that the real you is congruent with your on-line brand. Be Yourself. Not some half-baked, BS version who simply trots out the usual spin.

Try to adopt a giving mindset. Don’t constantly look at what you can get out of a situation.

In the remarkable book The Go-Giver co-authored by Messrs Burg and Mann there are five laws that underpin that whole philosophy. In a nutshell, try once in a while to put the interest of others before your own.

And finally, connect your passion with your persona.

You can’t fake it, well at least not forever.


PS. If any of these inspire you to think outside of your own personal brand box then I would love to hear from you.

PPS. If you find any better ones then please do let me know.

And this one:

And this one:

And this one: