Bringing your LinkedIn ‘profile’ to Life

LinkedIn is the accepted platform in the B2B space.

It’s safe, user-friendly and useful.

But, for many people, it’s no more than another destination for their professional profile (think of it as a personal website).

Sharing content

If you want to grow your audience, win work and raise your profile then the #1 hack that I would recommend is to share remarkable content to your connections.

Here is a screen shot from my profile. It looks like Twitter, and indeed, if you have a Twitter account, you can share your material out of LinkedIn (limited to 140 characters) to your account. I emphasise the word ‘your’ because people are not short of material that is being sprayed from across the net (one of my main gripes of LinkedIn); and if you invest the time and effort in creating something, you will work a lot harder earning attention.

Allied to sharing content, I would recommend that you stream the shares that you see and then see what you might like or can comment upon. The reason for this – and I know it might appear a bit sycophantic – is to assist others in sharing their content, so that, in turn, they might lend you a helping hand.

The typical content that is shared is news. I would suggest that blog posts, videos, podcasts and links to articles on your website is a good starting place. Unfortunately, unlike Google+, the amount of text is limited and you need to be mindful too of the image that might get picked up with the share (I have posted a few things where the image was rubbish).

Making it personal

In addition to the LinkedIn share facility above, you can always share your material outside of LinkedIn (but into LinkedIn – if that makes sense?) providing you have a share button on the site you are sharing from. I prefer this as it means I can share to Groups (I only do this occasionally) and send direct to individuals (it will pick up the names of people if you put in the first letter of their christian name).

The thing is if you don’t share material then what else will you do with LinkedIn? OK, perhaps you just see it as a destination to be found or a way to network (very few people see it this way unless you are in recruitment), and that means you quickly stop using LinkedIn. Like any social network, you have to be ‘social’ and whilst you do not want to spam your connections with endless and repetitive material, neither do you want to pass up the opportunity to syndicate your material to your connections who may in turn share it with theirs.

Now is the time to start this process. If you don’t, you will find that in the next 12 months your connections will be so overwhelmed with content that when you do share your content, it is unlikely to register more than a few hesitant Likes.

As the old adage goes, ‘Just Do It.’

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