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Chief Implementation Officer (“CIO”) – they *Rock*

Got one of these in your firm? No! Well resolve to hire one immediately.

Lawyers are not bereft of ideas or initiatives to move their practice on or develop a new line of work, and indeed there is often an abundance of ideas that are produced over the course of a year (go back and consider how many you came up with), but how many were implemented. The reasons:

  • Time;
  • A lack of immediate return;
  • Resources;
  • Boredom (which is linked to point 2);
  • The wrong people on the wrong seats on the bus;
  • Apathy;
  • Change of personnel;
  • Something comes along that looks more sexy;
  • Money;
  • Too many meetings which produce NOTHING of any significance;
  • Rejection on the first attempt to implement;
  • Lack of motivation;
  • It isn’t your idea;
  • The idea fails to deliver;
  • And perhaps most insidious of all you simply can’t be bothered!

Just think how many projects have sucked or more likely devoured time that are now buried away in some long forgotten ring-binder, stored on some hard drive or worse still buried in your mind, niggling away on the basis that you know it is a fantastic idea but you can’t find the time or you lack the support to Make it Happen (check out the fantastic book by the late Sir John Harvey Jones bearing the same title).

My suggestion is to appoint forthwith a CIO. And someone with the guts, determination and bloody-mindedness to push through when he/she is confronted with the usual band of naysayers. Don’t give them a target save one: they must implement to the fullest possible extent at least 50% of the ideas that are produced and have the resources to do so.

Now if all this seems a bit Alice in Wonderland then fine but my own experience is that there was so much lost time (money) that could have been saved by having someone to make things happen or more likely push through the usual dearth of nonsense around why things couldn’t be done.

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