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Professional Pracitce: If you want to triumph show some Passion

Mount Everest in Mono

Ask yourself this (simple) question:

When was the last time you were really, really pasionate about your work?

Perhaps more than that, when was the last time you felt you hadn’t parked half of yourself at the front door of the office and could honestly say that you gave it 110% commitment, were deeply passionate about everything that you were asked to do, and felt enlivened by the experience?

I suspect, like a lot of people, the reasons that you entered practice – to do good, to enrich your life or to earn a decent income to support you and your loved ones – are now so suffocated by the demands of the job that it is near impossible to rise above everything.

I have never climbed Mount Everest although I have a good friend who regularly takes people to base camp and who taught me to ice climb, but one thing for sure, even if you are paying to climb, you are not going to summit a mountain saying: “I know what, I’ll just run on auto-pilot, not worry about the outcome and if I make it to the summit well that will just be fine and dandy.”

You have to dream and dream massive. You have to be inspired by a clear and scintilating vision and most of all you have to find a purpose that you can believe in. No one said that professional practice was easy but every day you turn up for work you have to think of it like your (day’s) masterpiece. If it feels more like a poor substitute then ask yourself what you can do to change things. Don’t accept second best; don’t fall over on the job; don’t let anybody tell you can’t do it; and if all that is keeping you back is fear just remember that Everest would never have been climbed if Hillary and Tenzing had said to themself not today or tomorrow or ever.

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