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Stop and focus

Bills, bills, and more bills.

You are working harder than ever just to stand still. And yet you feel, instinctively, that there must be an easier way.

Clients are getting ever more demanding, and question everything that you do.

Life and work begin to blur.

You find it harder and harder to motivate yourself. The money no longer holds the same appeal but in the current climate what choice do you have?

Stop …. and …. focus.

Work out what you want to do. It need not be what you are doing right now.

I know from experience that the buzz that comes from doing the work and meeting targets obscures the reality of the situation.

Go to work on your life: Work is such a dominant theme that you know it is nigh on impossible to keep the two separate.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses goes much deeper than the practice of law. What can you build on that might open up boundless opportunity?

Training to be a lawyer gives you a skill set but it should not define you. You define who you are. Just because you have worked in the profession doesn’t mean that you should abandon your mojo.

Take time away. A weekend is no more than a walk around the block. You need time to think, to make sure you have thought through your passion for law and why you are still doing something that may not float your boat.

Make a plan ~ an Evil Plan and act on it.

Stop …. and …. focus.

~ JS ~