The pursuit of the unknown

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle”


This quote has remained with me for a long time. It reminds me to take things as they and not judge.

As if you hadn’t noticed, and it may be a sign of the times, there is a lot of talk of getting better, facing our demons and making a leap into the unknown.

But, truth be told, very few people will be inclined to break asunder their lives in the pursuit of living out an uncertain future. And by not doing so, I don’t believe that is cowardly or makes them any less a person.

My journey is my journey, and whilst I hope, in time, that people find my story helpful, they have to find their own way to self-fulfillment.

At best, all I can do is provide a series of signposts.

For me it’s about adopting beginner’s mind, and living fully in each moment of time.

What else is there?

– Julian