Change Starts with You

Brand New Eyes - Paramore

You are stuck.

You have ranted and ranted about the stilted process of change, and nothing happens.

Before you jump, consider that few companies adopt a revolutionary strategy to change, or anything else.

They are scared.

Scared of screwing up.

What a waste:

of talent

of passion

of ideas!

Their DNA is programmed to mine the success formula.

But history shows that all companies die.

I still recall as young boy looking on with awe at the wealth created by the Singer family that enabled them to build Oldway Mansion. Little did I know how short-lived was their reign.

Accept that no matter the strength of your brand or service offering, the market is going to run you flat.

You have two choices:

1. Hope that it doesn’t catch you out before you hang up your gloves; or

2. Embrace change as if you life depended on it.

Previously, I have talked about getting picked: the project, promotion or confirmation of your worth.

This is a fool’s game.

You are unique. And chances you are you inspired to produce something that has the power to move people.

My advice:

  • Stop asking for permission
  • Kill it
  • Focus on what you can do, not others
  • Don’t look back (if you did everything with 100% commitment then you would have no regrets – see Osho).

Change starts with you.

If you have to go covert, then do it. A few smiles, keeping to the rails of the job spec and not screwing up is all you need to worry about.

But then go to work.

Get your team assembled.

Map out the process.

You are going make a difference. A dent in the Universe if you must. But, better still, capture all that frustration and channel it into the project that you believe will change the face of your industry.

If you don’t score yourself 10 out of 10 on the commitment scale, then will you have what it takes to see the project through.

At the same time, are you exploring?

My life has been enriched by stepping outside of my career: books, videos, coaching, talks, meeting inspiring people, writing, exploring the wilderness, putting myself in harm’s way.

Time is running on so many levels.

Legacy is one thing but you need to focus on what makes you happy.

If the proverbial were to hit the fan then factor it in. You are smart.

This is not self-promotional: personal branding or whatever label you want to hang your life on abets success. I have yet to meet anyone who says they are focused on being the best version of them self. May be they are but are too modest to say anything but the process of self-development is not something that you can wait on.

Your time is now.