Fail to Prepare ~ Prepare to Fail

It is trite, I know, but true.

How many of us wing it – in life or in business?

We get complacent, lazy and think that through our years of experience we don’t need to bother.

So much of what is said now sounds so blindingly obvious and we take a lot of things for granted (even our memories).

Let’s face it with advent of the net it has made life so much easier.

You know with the hit of a button you can find that nugget of information. But that makes us hold off from doing things to the level that we used to.

Previously we might have sought the advice of our elders, those with life experience or who have walked the talk. But nowadays that all just seems so long-winded.

Next time you are confronted with a situation that requires some thinking time (before you action things) imagine you don’t have the benefit of the web. You may just find that the experience of seeking out new information, even if considerably more cumbersome, makes the experience – even in unchartered waters – that much more memorable.