Inner peace

“Listen–are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”
― Mary Oliver

Let go of the conditioning, and what’s left?


All of you.

But of course, you never see it. Instead, you’re too busy living up to an ideal — mostly of others — that you forget to live.


What if you could drop all your conditioning?

Where would that leave you?

With a blank sheet of paper — i.e. beginner’s mind.

Of course, you might ask what that has to do with peace. Simple. When you’re not at war with what is, you feel alive all body, mind and spirit.

Is there a technique for helping in this process? Yes. Pay attention to the present moment. In fact, the more time you spend there, the less likely it is you’ll seek succour from your thinking self, which is always a figment of your (egoic) imagination.

If it helps, you might like to invite the question: “What is there when there is no thinking?” I find that quite mind-blowing.

If you think this message contrary the ‘Get Better’ movement (e.g. 7 Habits, time management, habit change) then it is; but, then again, if you’re willing to go deeper and to follow your own path and not the one set by others, you might be surprised with what you unearth.

Remember, as Socrates is alleged to have said:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

That means yours and mine.


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