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Social Media for Solicitors: Have a (Bloody) Go

This is not:

1) a how to post;

2) a must download these tools post;

3) a speak in this way or not in that way post;

4) a don’t broadcast post; or

5) a look at these folks aren’t they cool/groovy/unique/doing well post.

No it is a simple plea.


I can’t possibly know how many firms have (properly) adopted social media or have ditched their outbound marketing model for an inbound one, but one thing that is clear is that there are not enough. Not nearly enough.

For those of you who have heard the term social media, been to a networking seminar where everyone seems to talk endlessly and possibly quite boringly about it, don’t think that they know it all. They don’t. And they certainly won’t understand your business as well as you.

I don’t care where you start but just do something.

Spend time away from fee earning, avoid pointless meetings and looking at another monster stack of legal papers. Have some play time. Let go. If you need to take yourself away from work and go naked then do it.

The risk is that if you wait for the conditions to be just right, to know all the answers or find the perfect solution to your problem, then the technology and methodologies will have changed so fast that you will be back where you started – in the wilderness.

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