My daily writing routine

I had thought, at the start of the year, I would write monthly essays to this site, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Instead, what transpired was a switch of blogging platforms to Livejournal, where I’ve been posting every day since 14 December 2014. (I still intend to write longer pieces on this site, and Medium.)

But I’ve reached a point where, mainly by dint of the look and feel of Livejournal (it’s easy to write to but hard to read on a mobile), I’ve decided to come back here (to WordPress) to write my daily or a regular blog post; I’m not abandoning Livejournal but the aim is to record a daily micro-podcast via Soundcloud or Audioboom, and use Livejournal to post up my content and share across Twitter, Google+ (whilst it still remains) and Tumblr. (I’ve abandoned Ello and Cowbird — I just haven’t the time or inclination.)

If this sounds a bit messy, it is. In fact, it should never have happened but, for me, sometimes I feel drawn to something, and I’m pleased that I did plunge my feet into the Livejournal pool — I’ve made some new connections and received lots of feedback. But, I’ve known for a while, with the explosion in mobile, I wasn’t helping myself. Not just that, but I’ve invested a lot of emotional labour in this site and it was daft not to write anything.

But there’s something bigger going on. Not just that I’ve got to refine what I’m doing online — I want to offer more than a series of posts — but I’ve got to write and finish that god damn book, Awaken the Genius, I’ve been putting it off for the past few years. I had thought I would pick it up and complete it well before now, but something has stopped me. It would be too easy to ascribe procrastination to my dilatory approach, but it’s something more fundamental; namely, the fact that the thesis has changed.

If I can say this: in the beginning it would have been about a journey of personal development. In short, to make the most of our God-given talents. Now? It’s practically diametrically opposed, not in the sense that I don’t think we have much more to bring to the world, but rather my understanding is much clearer about what holds us back from realising our full, genius potential — and it goes well beyond the inner critic or Lizard Brain (see Linchpin by Seth Godin).

If I’m honest, I’ve known this for a while but have been afraid to commit, not least because I feel so much of what I’ve got to say has been said before. But, in the final analysis, it’s one of those books I’ve no choice but to write, and write it I will.

So, going forward, this is how I see things unfolding (blogging, writing, podcasting and the like):

  • I will write here every day or as often as possible (the overarching theme will be living the Twin Trail)
  • I will post a micro-podcast to Soundcloud
  • I will embed and share that content on Livejournal
  • I will write the occasional post to Medium
  • I will share my pictures, audio and poetry on Tumblr
  • I will continue to write the occasional post to LinkedIn
  • I will use Mailchimp for my infrequent newsletters

And, of course, running alongside this will be my (offline) writing.

I’m acutely aware that this is putting a lot of pressure on me when, perhaps, all I should be doing is writing book after book; but, right now, it’s what I feel comfortable with. That’s not to say that I might have to or be advised to throttle back considerably my online outpouring, particularly as I don’t write for lead generation, but we’ll just have to see.

For those people that blog, I hope this makes sense. For those that don’t, I’m afraid it’s the price we pay for having too much choice across the web (or at least that’s my excuse).

PS. I hope I can stay on top of all the WordPress updates. If I’m honest, if Livejournal was more developed from a mobile perspective, I’m not wholly convinved that I would be making this switch.