making your mark

i love blogging.

it has transformed my life – seriously.

i wouldn’t have known about it had i not found social media; and for that i thank Twitter.

but, try as i might, i cannot turn people on to its power to:

  1. find your voice
  2. build a world class enterprise
  3. become the most of anything
  4. connect with your fans
  5. grow as a person.

i get asked all the time

“what platform do you recommend.”

secretly, i just want to scream (or utter another profanity…)

“how the hell do i know!”

but, i usually come up with an educated guess:






i blog for various reasons –

i care about life.

i care about wasting my time on earth.

i care about my children not having the courage to follow their dreams.

i care that i might die in obscurity.

i care that people don’t care enough about the planet.

i care that we don’t speak out or speak up.

i care deeply that people will think i am all talk and no action.

if you have taken the leap into the world of digital then, whatever platform you chose, make sure that blogging is part of your core learning and development for 2013.

it may not yield a huge financial return,

but it will allow you the freedom to be who you are.

Soundcloud recording (it is is easier)

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