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Don’t forget your website

Social media, however you define it and whatever you build around the term, is a big draw. It will have its detractors, but, by and large, people get *it*.

No doubt you will be focused on some key metrics – number of followers on Twitter, number of mentions, ReTweets etc – and you may have been fortunate enough to win work as a result of a valuable blog post. But, and it is a big BUT, please remember your website.

Hub and spoke or whatever model you have signed up to should mean that your website lies central to your efforts, even if you have a blog that you have enabled.

There are some simple things that you should sort out like RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a share button and a decent print button – all of these make the user experience more engaging. Yes I could bemoan, as I often do, the lack of valuable content, or self-serving material or even the fact that you don’t write it for your buyer, but, notwithstanding all of these, the website should not be left to wither on the vine.

Don’t assume that the website is IT/Marketing’s┬ájob or that it will get fixed by itself. Show more interest, even if you are focused on your section. Ask about the analytics. How many visits have you had? How sticky is the site or your section? These may not sound that interesting but they are just as important as you social media numbers if you are hoping to get instructions from your site (I hope so).

You need to think about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but this doesn’t just mean stuffing the site with keywords all the time. Try and think about material that has value, you can give away for free and can be shared easily. Earning attention should be a key focus.

At the end of the day, if you don’t think the website is all that great then neither do your clients.

~ JS ~