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Why you don’t ask Why

Why law?

Why do you practice your area of law?

Why this firm as opposed to that one?

Why do you want to be partner?

Why do you want to earn in excess of £100,000?

Why do you think law is a honourable profession?

Why are you so unfulfilled in your role?

Why does it take so long for a decision to be made?




Questions beget answers beget action. But the reality is that you don’t like to answer too many Why questions because they leave you floundering for any answer.

It is critical that as things heat up in the market and more players start to jockey for attention that you continue to question not just the operational or tactical aspects of your practice (billing is always on your mind), but the values, strategy and people who are running the show.

May be it because I was a restless soul but I was never satisfied with the status quo (or dare I say the static quo). Too much of what I had to deal with was moribund. It was like it was frozen in aspic and no one had the gumption to ask the tough questions for fear of upsetting the proverbial apple cart. Well upset it you must. Don’t take anything for granted. Continue to challenge yourself to unpick the answers to the above questions and many, many others.

And when you have the answers start rebuilding yourself, your career and your firm.

You may find that starting every meeting with “Why are we doing this?” is going to make you mighty unpopular, but who cares. It is not a beauty contest. Work, life and your future is far too important to leave things to chance.

~ JS ~