My Little (Big) Social Media Secret


But it won’t work unless you:

  • Spend quantitative time developing your expertise – the odd cursory glance every now and then will not move you forward. Aim for a minimum of 15 minutes every day.
  • Grow your connections daily. I have over 1,000 connections on a basic account and don’t feel I have to upgrade.
  • Think of it as your website and not a CV.
  • Consider the Why, How and What.
  • Think of it as an aid to networking not a substitute.
  • Meet people. People may beat a path to your door but don’t bank on it.
  • Make sure you understand the keywords that you want to be found for – use Google Adwords Keyword Tool if you are not sure. Does your profile include any of these?
  • Do not cut your profile from your firm or company website.
  • Understand your buyer persona and write your profile from their perspective.
  • Help people connect with others.
  • Have something worthwhile to say and not just your usual elevator pitch.
  • Join Groups.
  • Start your own Group.
  • Update your contacts from time to time – the status bar is good for that but you can just as easily install a LinkedIn button on your website or go to a neutral but helpful website and send a link. Think of this as cutting out an article from a newspaper and sending it to them.
  • Review your profile from time to time. I need to look at mine.
  • Include your events.
  • Install Slideshare and upload content to your front page.
  • If you are on Twitter install it but don’t drown everyone in your Tweets.
  • Ask for an introduction if you can’t connect. But you could just as well phone the person.
  • Use the analytics and keep a record.
  • And start again at the beginning of this list.

As they say there is no time like the present.

You won’t win any awards for sitting on the fence and ignoring it. And please don’t tell me you are too busy. That’s like saying I like what I do but it would be even better if I didn’t have to deal with real people.

If as Woody Allen said “80 percent of success is showing up” then everyday should be devoted to spending quality time just showing up.

S/he who does the most wins – in the end at least.