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Take more out of the day than it does out of YOU

Enjoy your work

You turn up to work.

Files in front of you.

The clock starts ticking.

And bills (because it’s month end) to generate.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You have been told that in order to progress your (legal) career you have to take on more roles – become adept at selling, a risk manager, manage a team and cross-sell internally.

Your To Do list looks awfully long right now …. and you have that burning desire to succeed.

The trouble is that few people ever fully commit to this stuff because it goes back to the perennial, thorny issue of: “What’s in it for me?”

You can see a route to the summit but the paths are so twisty and gnarly and some frankly don’t go anywhere that you end up disillusioned. Your brain is telling you one thing, your heart something else.

If you feel that there is a deception of sort going on then stand back from it all and look at yourself. Don’t fuss/obsess about pleasing others. Ticking boxes, spinning on your heels until you feel you are facing the right way.

No … most importantly of all focus on You. Ask yourself what success looks like it – writing it down often helps – and don’t just focus on the next pay rise (or not), promotion or glorification of your role. No think about your the entire work paradigm and make sure that you are getting out of the situation more than just filling another time sheet. In other words you are growing day by day even if that doesn’t always involve the bright spots of your To Do list being knocked off.

Make sure you take time to reflect on your growth and achievements, otherwise you will wind up with a load of baggage. Make time for others. Make room for some fun time and above all don’t become a slave to the rhythm of work (there is a Grace Jones tune in there).

Sounds all too woolly and unremarkable? Fine but just make sure whatever you focus on that you take more out of the day than it does out of you.

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