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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Another Big Little Thing

How many times a day do we say these treasured, precious, disarming, smile bringing-forth, charming and beguiling words? Not nearly enough.

I had the good fortune to be brought up by parents who, although with a slightly Victorian outlook on life, were, nevertheless, a stickler for manners. Sure it could be mighty frustrating as a teenager to be brought up short when I failed to acknowledge what felt like a very small thing but I sure as heck appreciate my good fortune now. It is almost as if I have this guardian angel on my shoulder who reminds me daily to be polite and use these words as often as I can.

Now I am not saying that there haven’t been occasions where I have taken something or more likely someone for granted and forgotten to say Thank You but I have tried to make it up perhaps with a small gift or a coffee or something just to acknowledge the fact that I value these words – truly I do.

Now it is not for me to prescribe the situations or relationships where this is paramount, but whether it is a client relationship, a relationship between a partner and fee earner or a fee earner and secretary, make it your mission to use these words as often and repeatedly as you can. Don’t keep score but just try to combine these words with a bright, beautiful smile and an enthusiastic approach to what you are doing. You may just find that people start to open up and think of you in a whole new (positive) light. But whatever you do don’t just do it for the Brownie Points. You either want to do it or you don’t.

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