The basics of Social Media

Social Media Plan

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#1 Adapt your culture.

#2 Align your values with the messaging.

#3 Make it friction free.

#4 Make it easy for people to share, comment and engage.

#5 Build a platform that is multi-layered.

#6 Think like a publisher.

#7 Plan your content.

#8 Align your business objectives with the available reach.

#9 Take nothing for granted. If it isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change very quickly.

#10 Employ people that have been in the space.

#11 Build, measure, learn (see the The Lean Startup).

#12 Allow for the unexpected.

#13 Allow for the unexpected risk.

#14 If you have to make it up as you go along, do.

#15 Go deep, not wide.

#16 Understand who you want to reach and what floats their boat.

#17 Never ever give up. If you post something and it doesn’t work ask for feedback.

#18 Be prepared to fall flat on your face. There is no perfect science.

#19 Stop waiting for the perfect time. Begin before you are ready.

#20 Be yourself. Drop all pretence.

#21 Think LEGACY – you are in this for the long haul remember.

#22 Don’t buy attention – EARN IT!

#23 Be prepared to invest serious time before you see a ROI.

#25 Use Social Media as an aid to your business development and marketing, not a crutch.

#26 Engage with your audience.

#27 Cut the BS.

#28 Stand for something. Wishy washy doesn’t cut it.

#29 Understand the channels. More is not always better.

#30 Give practically everything away for free.

#31 Have fun.

Prima facie none of these look that basic. They all require a degree of understanding that most people are still struggling to understand and integrate with their practice. Social media, much like marketing, is not a part-time occupation. If you want to get good at it then you need to spend money and/or time resourcing it. Right now you will not find a mass audience, but, over time, the early adopters will crowd out the late adopters, particularly if you develop a communications plan that is focused and value-laden.

In truth their are no basics. Just a hunger to get better and engage with your clients, customers or referrers. It’s not an option any more. It’s something that is ipso facto part of who you are and what you do.

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