The business of business

I’m back reading the E-Myth series by Michael E. Gerber (“MEG”).

I find this surprising — and that’s putting it mildly — given that, for now, I’ve given up the dream of starting and running my own company.

But then again, if Ray Kroc could start McDonald’s at age 52, I’ve still got plenty of time.

Seriously though, I need to understand, beyond the ethereal, superficial thoughts, why I still feel a deep need to change business for the better. And when I say ‘better’, I don’t mean to suggest more money, more efficiency or more┬áhutzpah but, instead, a business that possesses the innate ability to change the world, its people and markets for the better. Oh, and it’s raison d’├¬tre is less not more.

If you’ve never read MEG, I can strongly recommend his work. It’s not just because he’s the master at elucidating the meaning of ‘working on the business, not in it’ but his lexicon is rich with deep, spiritual connection to our true selves.