The compromise of life?

Life is to be lived.

Not by expanding the scope of daily activity, but growing spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Too often we are seduced by our reality of comfort.

Stasis is the accepted norm.

Look around.

Nothing stands still – nature, the weather, our being.

You dream – a life out there – and, yet, in the face of rejection or inequity you give up trying.

Never ever give up on your dreams.

In my work I see people who are scared.

But they are not scared of failure but the possibility that they might achieve a breakthrough to a new, amazing place.

Too many of them pay attention to their inner critic. You know that voice that always rears its head just as we are about to commit to something life-changing.

Engineering self-belief is not about positive affirmation. It comes down to sheer bloody-mindedness. And a gobs and gobs of passion. And, frankly, if you want something badly enough then nothing will stop you.

The inner critic will never be annihilated but you will master the ability to ignore it.

Life is too precious to give up on living.

Commit to it 100%, and being the best version of you.

– Julian





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