The Death of the High Street

Every High Street is doomed.

It’s not just the Internet but the fact that people no longer have the disposal income to consume.

But, I am torn by the demise.

On the one hand, I am saddened by the loss of community and vibrancy, but, on the other, it feels right that the non-essential retailers have gone – we only need so many nick nack shops.

Landlords must be worried about how they are going to bridge the gap. There are only so many giveaways you can use.

The answer?

Put the power back with the people, and let them use the space.

We have seen the rise of small, artisan markets and stalls (Totnes is a great example of this) which always seem busy. I know that won’t completely fill the gap and not all empty shops fit the bill, but there are many budding entrepreneurs out there who don’t want to take on the commitment of a lease.

Even if we don’t use the space for shopping, there are many other social uses that could be tried.

If we don’t think outside the box then more and more Towns will have that hollow ring where life has literally ebbed away.

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