The Excellent law firm

Apologies that this blog is late. I have had hosting problems.

The Excellent law firm.

An oxymoron.

What does it mean to you?

For me, it is simple.

It seeks to develop each and every one of its people to achieve their maximum potential. And that may mean, in some cases, letting them go.

I have said this before, but I will say it again:



Yesterday’s debate about executive pay should have resonated with the legal profession. For far too long, the profession has run itself for the (almost) exclusive preserve of the partners. It reminds me of the scene from the Pixar film Nemo where the seagulls start squawking: “Mine, Mine, Mine”. And of course many young lawyers have signed up to the dream but at what cost?

How many people do you come across in the profession who are happy, contented, and bring all of their talents to the job?

Firms need to start practising Excellence – as if a client is going to come to a firm for anything less – and invest more time in people development.

Everyone should be asked: “Are you the most of anything?”

If your people are the most of anything then the rest will take care of itself. A sweeping generalisation but people development will abet firm Excellence well ahead of any contrived programme.

This doesn’t mean breaking the bank and investing in expensive, hyped up Brand based training.

No it just means putting your people ahead of anything else.

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