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the Fakers and the Makers

“they just don’t know what totality is. they have never done a single act with their total being. whenever an act is total, it liberates; whenever it is half-hearted it simply creates a conflict. it dissipates energy, it is destructive, it creates bondage.”

Osho, Living Dangerously

Learning is a process.

you start with the end in mind and then you apply time, patience and desire (if you are lucky) to assimilate the history of your forebears.

Do you come through it a better person?

most people have a picture of what it feels like to know more: ‘expert’, the label of a your job ‘title’ or someone who can fashion something out of raw material (an ‘artist’).

But, at some stage, you find that the passion is all but gone.

and you do what?

You fake it:

the whimsical smile

the laugh where the timing is just slightly out of kilter

the chatter behind someone’s back (“bloody clients”).

And eventually, you end up despising the very thing that has provided your economic well-being.

Those that make:

they don’t dwell on their failures

they fail faster: “ready, fire, aim.”

when something isn’t working they have the courage to try something new (including a change of career or starting their own entity).

Far too many people are living a life half-lived.

it is almost as they are somnambulists.

There is no dichotomy.

if you are someone who feels



melancholic for what might be

alive outside of your occupation

or you hate what you do


isn’t it about time you did something about it?

It is the biggest cliche there is but life is what we make it.

it is down to you to decide your fate.

If you are trapped under a weight of debt, uncertainty or peer pressure, then you have my sympathy.

however, doing nothing is not an option.

My ‘brand you’ creed: to become what you truly are.

are you living the very best life?

Many people are afraid.

afraid of the consequences of making the wrong choice.

Who in their right mind would want to rock the ship now? There is just too much uncertainty.

but, if like me, in 2008 you had a nagging doubt which morphed into a dream then nothing can stand in your way.

In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich he talks about burning your bridges. This is not born out of some half-baked (pipe) dream, but rather a definite vision of what the future looks like.

if you need a ‘how to’ guide then there is no shortage of inspirational books but ultimately they will not help you make the decision to change.

Only you can do that.

I don’t know about you but my life is too precious to do something that leaves me feeling part of the machinery. Think inside out. Not outside in. If you feel enlivened by doing something different, then surely you owe it to yourself to investigate how much separates your passion from an idea that will give you everything you ever dreamed of. As Patti Digh says in her wonderful book Creative is a Verb, if you art could give you everything you needed, how would it change the way you approached your art. Don’t read art in the literal sense but rather your very best work.

there is only so much faking that you can endure.

Making is not only much more fun it is your life.

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