The games we play

Perhaps it’s me, but we too easily give up our dreams in favour of security.

And, in that process — i.e. one day at a time — we slowly die.

Yesterday, I shared an old quote of the late Benjamin Franklin that encapsulated this point; namely, we die before we die. But I don’t expect many of you see it that way. I didn’t. Until the point where I nearly lost it all.

Having taken up another full-time role in law, I can see how I’ve allowed my passion to seep away. It’s got nothing to do with the environs or the people — it and they are pretty boffo — but instead, in not pushing myself outside my spiritual comfort zone, I’ve already become part of the company furniture.

Of course, I could break out (jeez, I’ve only been there a month!) but I know that it’s possible to do both, i.e. work for the man and push back sufficient to allow my light to shine.

I know I’ve told you this or something similar before but just because I’m quiet on social media and with my writing doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned or lost touch with true self. Not at all. It’s just that my energy will only stretch so far, and starting any job is always a challenge having to assimilate the culture, the politics and understand the Game I’m meant to play (see “The Master Game” by Robert S. de Ropp).

But give it a month or so and, trust me, I’ll emerge again ready to share my thoughts, feelings and passion for bringing to life the unlived part of you that if revealed to the world would change you and it forever.

Take care.