The Hierarchy of Lawyer Preference

Blog by Julian Summerhayes. 233 words.

There is a definite order:

  • You are the best in the business.
  • You are the only one with the expertise.
  • I am paying you to do a Job.
  • You are my lawyer.
  • I want you on my side.
  • You come (highly) recommended.
  • I found you by chance.
  • Because I have to.

If you combine this list with the type of clients you want to act for or the practice area of choice, there is likely to be a much shorter list of clients to fill the sales funnel (towards the top of the ladder it should almost fill itself).

What are you doing to stay away from the bottom?

‘Everybody’ is recipe for: malaise, too much time too little effort, blandness in your marketing (the middle ground is always dull) and a lack of differentiation.

I know you don’t like to market, but if you don’t understand and target your client Preference, then, in reality, you are simply adopting a mass media approach which is costly, low on results and leaves YOU wallowing around in an ocean of uncertainty.

Next time you assemble to discuss your pipeline turn the telescope around and look at the Buyer’s perspective. You may just find that it enlightens you in your choice of activity.

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