The Hierarchy of Social Media Success

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What are you aiming for?

Don’t expect to go from the bottom to the top in a instant. Fortitude, aptitude, interest, passion and, possibly, a quixotic view of the (eventual) outcome are a pre-requisite to success.

Too many people think that by assuming a TV mindset that they will spring your attention. They won’t.

You have to earn the attention of your followers by:

  1. Creating a memorable experience.
  2. Having a world class service.
  3. Hiring the best people.
  4. Believing what you say.
  5. Having a clear vision, mission and purpose.
  6. Not resting on your laurels.
  7. And striving for EXCELLENCE.

I know all of this sounds abstract but when you start to analyse social media success one common issue emerges – a focus on the long term. Social media is not unique sufficient to win new clients. It merely packages your material in a way that people want to engage with and share.

Awareness is a priority and unless you get lucky with the viral connection of one platform or another, you are going to have to work your socks off to make this work.

One other thing that you need to bear in mind is that rather than creating your content and then looking for a pipeline to shove it down, look at the content that will suit each medium and then produce it. And don’t default to Twitter. Quality content is not going to appear in 140 characters. You have to spend time thinking about what is prized and valued, and then allow others to talk about it.

The hierarchy is not for the feint hearted. Most give up somewhere in the middle and resort to blasting a message. If that is your default position, don’t expect to make much out of social media.

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