The monotony is killing me

I had an unwritten rule: never stay doing something for more that 10 years.

I broke that rule with law.

But, more than that, I also promised myself that when I didn’t enjoy the job any more, I would do something else.

I also broke that rule.

My father, much like many of his generation, gave his life, soul and best years to working for others. He was a true stoic. I never heard him complain, bitch, moan or demand more.

If you are finding yourself working the same as yesterday, are you doing that in the hope of things getting better or because you can’t see a way forward?

Life is tough, but we are the only ones who can make a difference. No one, least of all in these ‘me’ days, is going to give you a leg up. More likely they will make sure that the ladder doesn’t quite reach the top or the route to the top keeps changing.

To make more of the situation, you have to rediscover your self-belief, passion and faith in whatever you believe is going to sustain you, but, more than that, inspire you to greatness.

To have more you have to want more.

This is not about some 21-day challenge or thinking positive. This is about adopting a kick ass mentality, and doing something that will make a difference.

If you do the same thing every day, then don’t expect things to change in a hurry.

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