The most oft asked question when starting a Blog is …

“What should I write about?”

I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked this question.

I would like to think that it is the only thing holding you back from blogging but that would be naive. In my view blogging, at least in the early phases, is influenced by:

a) a lack of confidence;

b) support;

c) a meaningful understanding of the platform viz. “What’s in it for me?”;

d) being exposed up to your neck;

e) letting your (artificial) guard down;

f) coming up with ideas that are outwith your practice area; and

g) a lack passion for writing.

Blogging should never be a chore. It should lift you upwards, and make your heart soar. Of course, this might sound extravagant but who would willingly give up the time, energy and love for the sake of a few measly pounds (£)?

As to what you should write about, I would understand this question better if you had a track record but most people have zip. To me it seems incomprehensible that your life’s experience isn’t worth sharing. The trouble is you have been conditioned to think that the purpose of blogging is income generation. Of course that may be a strand worth cultivating, but the moment you embark on another sales pitch your audience of not so ardent followers will fall gently into a state of comatose, non-awareness, and you will be left with that sinking feeling that all this investment of your oh so precious time has been pissed away.

Instead of focusing on the sales funnel, focus on the interest factor, and share valuable and/or remarkable content. That may just mean that you have to stray off of the beaten (sales) path and open up to what really matters to you but if you are writing from the heart, ideas will flow and you will be far more likely to grow your audience.

It won’t be easy.

And be prepared for the long haul.

If you now want me now to posit a slew of 7/10/101 titles then you have missed the point. My riposte: share your experience, the joy of what inspires you and focus on something that is worth commenting on.

If it helps here are a few of my favourite bloggers who may inspire you:

Seth Godin

Leo Barbauta

Tom Peters

Hugh MacLeod

Steven Pressfield

Blogging should be fun. You should want to do it, and not think that it is a necessary part of your practice. Your Tribe will respect you if you are consistent, thoughtful and transparent.

Don’t assume blogging is the missing ingredient to new business development. It isn’t. But if you persevere and your passion burns bright, then you may just find that things start to happen.

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