the rise of the personal brand

like it or not you have a personal brand.







the company you keep

your messaging

your on-line/off-line presence.

Companies, firms, employers need to start working with their staff to understand how they can all work together in pursuit of a common brand you purpose (not profit for profits sake).

lock-down doesn’t work.

if anything, it just looks plain dumb.

don’t you trust your people?

don’t answer that.

Call yourself a leader… then lead.

This means showing up in the conversation and not standing on the sidelines.

the longer you stay out of the picture, the less likely you will have any say in the matter. your customers won’t go through the machinery of your boring processes. they will just reach out to the people they have been engaging with for the last few months.

on a practical level make sure everyone has the ability to carry on a constructive conversation about social and the technologies that underpin the paradigm. if someone asks again what is twitter then you have my permission to kick them hard.

Employee disengagement is always going to be an issue; but for those people who have taken the time – theirs most likely – to get up to speed, for God’s sake thank them and keep encouraging their efforts.┬áDon’t wag your bloody finger, particularly when you know next to nothing or just want to hold on to your crumbling power base.

This is not geekery or people trying to usurp the marketing machinery.

No this is a cohort who really care.

Don’t stop to debate who owns the brand.

the company’s brand is the talent that underpins it whether you an Uber brand or just starting off.

if you want to lay down some house rules then fine but don’t stand on ceremony.

If someone feels like crafting a wicked blog, laying down some podcasts or hanging out in Facebook, then providing they are not bringing the company into disrepute let them go.

the personal brand isn’t going anywhere soon.

if anything it is the one thing that gives your business the ability to harness its latent (people) potential where previously your moribund HR practices have failed.

too many people are scripted and revert to the history of yesteryear to run the business: “In the (not so) good old days.”

Get a grip.

the old days are


blown up by a tsunami of technological and spiritual change.

Call it the Facebook effect if that floats your boat, but just accept people want to see inside and around your business and giving them a push message – ‘Look at us’ – makes you look like Methuselah.

As my kids would say: “Get with it.”

embrace the idea of the personal brand.

talk about it openly.

and explore how you can all benefit.

My point: Power to Brand You.


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