The social media message

How many times have you heard or been told not to share the same story to the same platform?

And yet…

You ignore the advice.

Call me a cynic (which I’m not), but if you see social media as your trajectory out of the abyss of mediocrity then not only have you to create something worthwhile and memorable but you have to understand that nobody wants to see it repeated ten times over elsewhere.

Get down in the weeds.

Understand your buyer persona.

Understand your connections, reach and interest factor.

And focus: the more precise the content aimed at the correct audience the more successful you will be.

Of course, none of this is based on any science, but all I know as someone who reads my fair share of online material is that if you don’t tailor your material for me then I will go elsewhere.

One final point. More is not necessarily better but it does help to turn up more than once in a blue moon.

– Julian

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