The solution is mechanical

I am indebted to Steven Pressfield for the title to this post (see p. 81 of Do the Work!).

The point is this.

There is no shortage of ideas or well meaning advice, but, to make a difference in our lives (and others), we have to act.

Whilst there is a lot to be said for making right decisions, without action nothing will happen.

If this seems like a blinding flash of the obvious (and it is!), ask yourself:

(1) how many projects have you been involved in that didn’t achieve lift off?

(2) Things to Do remain just that?

(3) how many tasks remain no more than a promise to yourself (“when I find the time”)?

Picking up a couple of points from yesterday’s blog post, I regret the fact that over the last year I have not turned off a few more social media platforms, focused on doing less and shipped on a major project (a book would have been nice). I could say I have acted but, if I’m honest, I have wasted time hopping from one thing to another, not making headway on many of my major projects.

Of course, we think that we are acting when we have dozens of things on the go, but very often we end up doing a mediocre job of most of them. Perhaps we need to adopt a Zen like approach – simplify, simplify, simplify – and in that way we have less distraction to corrupt our plans.

Next time you are confronted with a project that has stalled, think mechanical and visualise yourself getting down in the trenches, rolling up your shirt sleeves and making things happen.

And don’t think!

I’m serious.

Thinking is a disease that enables us to put off what we know we should start, rationalise our previous indecision and allow Resistance to take hold.

Just act. And do it now, even if you are not 100% ready.

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