There are no guarantees …

in life,

any more than you should rely on social media to turn round your business.

Having spoken a great deal on social media, all the questions I hear are posited at the wrong end of the answers spectrum;


What is it/this?”

as opposed to

“How do we do it in a remarkable way?”

or, better still,

“Why the hell are we doing it in the first place?”

And don’t think I am playing my Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy question – 42 and all that stuff – but, rather, questioning your rationale for wanting now to embrace a way of doing business that is, in large measure, alien to you. Also, most owners think that it’s not for them – wearing the Luddite badge for all it’s worth – and they delegate it off to the ‘staff’, without answering the Why or the How questions (but then if they are not personally involved how can they?).

But, frankly, none of this matters a jot if your product/service is anything other than excellent. If you aren’t focused on being the best then social media will become your nemesis: just wait until someone works out that you have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and decides to let rip with a tide of … “your business sucks”.

Are you ready for that … and some more?

For me, there are few definite answers, there is just a constant striving to get better, love what you do and share your passion with the World (your world).

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