Think … Think … Think …

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I make no apologies for the brevity of this post.

Things come at you at a hundred miles an hour.

You hardly have time to breathe. When you are not billing you are thinking about billing.

But if you distill down the sine qua non of the value of your service it is this: you are paid to think. You might have wrapped up or distilled your thinking into a packaged service but at some stage their was a nascent idea that you had to cultivate.

I can put in your way lots of things to cause a ruckus – hell at nearly 400 posts I have over 500,000 words in this blog to fall back on – but it will count for nothing if you don’t give yourself TIME to think.

My best advice: stop doing it, doing it, doing it (as Michael E Gerber would say) and work on your business. Question everything.

Start with the Why, not with the How or even the What. They evince of only one answer: more of the same.

Mix things up.

Speak to people as far removed as possible from professional practice. The more weird the better.

If you never make time to think then you will be in the same position as you are now, and just as frustrated.

Don’t think that you are all about a strategy or mission. The only way to find your way is to act. Execution is more likely to determine the way forward. The Ready, FIre, Aim variety.

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