Think …

“People find thinking to be difficult because civilization has never made any attempt to make things simpler.”

Edward de Bono, Simplicity


About what?







Thinking is not just a case of thinking; but, rather, changing how we think.

We are naturally driven to problem solve.




But what of opportunity thinking?

Or compassionate thinking?

Or mindfulness thinking?

Or collaborative thinking?

Making time and space for thinking is incredibly hard. We deal with a whirlwind of activity so that any solace in the ‘now’ is almost impossible.

You will see that I have used the expression “Stop and Focus” in the last few posts. This is not some psycho-babble, new-age stuff. This is Hard Core.

Try it.




Not in the sense of a meditative state but unwind your knotty problem, make the process of thinking simpler (and how you think) and focus on what it is that is calling you.

Many of you will be rightly concerned about the money.

“We have to earn more.”

“We are spending too much.”

“Christmas is just too expensive.”

And whilst, of course, you want a solution or outcome, aren’t you just as likely to drive yourself silly going over the same old ground as before?

This requires you to think before you can think?

What is it that you are trying to overcome?

Try to look behind and into the problem rather than point blank.

One of the best ways I find to unwind a mental block is to think worst case scenario, put that to the back of my mind and focus on the real issue (see the work of Dr Norman Vincent Peale).

Money is an issue of course, but, very often, it is because we don’t have a balanced life that means that living with less is more challenging than the status quo.

Perhaps it is to profound to say, change your thinking, change your life but from my perspective if we carry on as we are, don’t be surprised if you arrive at the same place as you have always known.


And carry on that process every day.

Make a space for your thinking. If you have meditated and can quiet your monkey brain just for a moment, my experience is that you will find, over time, a clarity in your thoughts. Sometimes it is just because you can focus on fewer issues, but it feels like a clean space as opposed to that usual jumble of noise we experience.

Thinking is and will continue to be a major part of your life. You are paid to think, you have to discern the strength of the noise to signal ratio and you have to keep your stuff together. For me, thinking is more than just critical reasoning. It is the way that is going to change my life.

Stop and focus.


And if you find, as I did, that my thinking drew me in one direction only – to help others become the most of anything – then isn’t it about time you started exploring those ideas that keep you awake or keep chattering away inside?

Enjoy your time to think, and make the very most of its product.

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