Thinking inside the box

Antithetical to the exterior?

I don’t think so.

We seem obsessed with the novel, eclectic and exceptional, but, sometimes, predictable is the new exceptional.

As humans, particularly in this Web 2.0 World, boredom quickly sets in. The apprentice thinks like the Master when, often, they have no right to do so.

We need to pause and reflect on what greatness means.

Just doing what you say you are going to do brilliantly – with Swiss like precision – is a better systems theory than constantly trying to come up with new ideas.

Often, innovation is just innovation. It doesn’t make things better.

Think of the colour brown.

Dull, unexciting and without WOW, but there is a market. A sizeable one.

By all means look at the edges of your current business model, but stop constantly looking for the quick, novel fix when you have a profitable business that offers scope for leverage.


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