This is Personal

How much of what you do is driven by your vision for your life?

Too often we circumscribe our goals to allow for what others think we should be doing (or have done).

If you want to achieve mastery of your life, career and all else, you have to move out of the realm of others, and make it personal to you.

You will see that I have created a new blog.

The focus is on the same issue that has driven me on since early 2010:

To become what we truly are.

For me this is deeply personal.

The essence of your potential is best summarised in and around Brand You. Or to be more precise the power (to the power of ‘X’) of your persona, even if it is still work in progress.

Life is hard, and never more so when we are forced to exist in a bubble of sameness.

I am driven by the need to get better.

[Are you?]

This makes me restless in the pursuit of a better life, one where I feel I can express myself. This is selfish but, sometimes, we have to strip the frippery away, and accept that in order to become what we truly are we cannot fulfil a simple stereotype (what do you describe yourself as when someone meets you for the first time?).

I know a lot of this sounds woolly and as about as far removed from the profession as law as you can imagine. But you only need to consider the extent to which you (don’t) bring all of your-self to work, or feel that you are (not) growing each and every day to understand that life is truly what we make it.

Going forward, you will see me express a much clearer view around my 3 signature areas:

  1. Social Media;
  2. Excellence; and
  3. Brand You.

Each of these works in harmony with the other.

Social media – it gives you an opportunity to earn attention around something that you care passionately about.

Excellence – are you willing to wear a new pair of glasses and work at daily improvement in every facet of your life.

Brand You – this makes you think about the person you are. Are you capable of changing the perspective of others?

I know that because of the legacy of the Internet each of us will be forced to examine our profile, personality and brand. It is not an option. How many Tweets, Facebook likes, blog posts or impressions will you have made in the next 5 years?

I care deeply about helping everyone I work with to reach out, explore and find something that inspires them in the same way that social media has made such a massive difference to my life. Let’s face it, nothing is easy these days, but if you can find a place where you know you are following your passion then life becomes so much more rewarding.

Next time you think about doing something or being asked to do something, can I suggest you take a leaf out of Derek Sivers’ book. His mantra is simple: “If it’s not Hell Yeah, then it’s No”.

How many things in your life have you been able to say “Hell Yeah” to?

Not many I would bet, but that is where you have to focus. Absent such extreme focus then you are never likely to find that inner peace that enables you to do your best work.

Remember you only get one shot at this life.

Make the most of it.

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