Timeless simplicity

“In my hut this spring
there is nothing –
there is everything.”

– SODO (1641-1716)

We assume that the more we have the happier we will be.

But, in doing so, we lose the value of simplicity.

Simplicity is not about harsh austerity or poverty but doing more with less, and finding peace with a simpler way of living.

I’m not material, although that’s not to say that I live with very little. But I could give it all away tomorrow – the books, bikes and gadgets – as long as I could connect with my family, nature, and have my health.

Beyond your basic material needs, ask yourself how much do you actually need.

A lot less than you currently own.

The thing is if we can strip things back to the bare essentials then, if nothing else, it frees us to enjoy life where we appreciate what we actually own, as opposed to what we desire.

I recognise that this message is heretical to a consumerist, Western way of living, but in case you hadn’t noticed the planet’s resources are finite. Look ahead to the next 100 years. Do you really believe that things will look the same?

I don’t.┬áThen, simplicity won’t be a byword for a way of living, it will be an absolute necessity.

For now, look at your habits and ask if the constant pursuit of more is the root of your happiness. If not, perhaps a simple, less complex lifestyle is one that you should investigate.

For me, I don’t intend to make simplicity a crusade but I know that as part of my awakening I need to strip away not just the mental baggage but also the physical so that I can continue to get closer to the real me.

– Julian

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