Too much choice not enough certainty

“The problem with infinity is that there is too much of it.”

Seth Godin, The Dip

The market is awash with choice.

Is it any wonder that people rush to buy the cheapest or something that is heavily marketed (t.v.).

But what if you set out to be the best?

Perhaps in the past you could have said “the best in the World [as in our World].”

But of course that World has expanded beyond a limited horizon. It could now be the whole world.

When you go to buy something, do you honestly seek out the mediocre or just good enough?

You want the best.

If you don’t know what the best feels like, then you have to create it, not wait for someone to show you the way.

Better service?

For sure.

Better prices?

Of course.

Better people?

What else?

If you don’t push, and push and push some more you will end up swimming in a sea of ‘Ho Hum’, average, we couldn’t give a damn. The money after all keeps flowing in.

Great businesses (including professional service firms) don’t wait for someone else to show them the way.

They create it.

Be brutally honest: Do you have the passion and desire to be the best? If not, find someone who does but make sure you don’t put obstacle after obstacle in their way to stop them achieving their dreams.

When things really heat up, you better be ready.

If not, don’t be surprised to see things disappear before your very eyes.

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