True self

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” ― Robert Frost

Life is life but sometimes it can be cruel.

Actually, life is not anything until we birth it through love, connection and discovering our true self. And when I say ‘true’ self, I’m not talking about the person that you think you are but something that exists outside the ken of your (current) experience.

I know that sounds pretentious, but so many of us live out lives that are anything but true to who we born to be. And it’s a waste, a waste of such epic proportion that it brings me to tears every time I think about it.

We go to work to work, and work, until we die…and not much else. We never, or almost never, see our life for what it could be, and I don’t mean in the acquisition of more stuff. I mean to gift our gifts to those we love and serve (or should be serving).

As I reflect on how far I’ve come these past few years, I’m struck by one inscrutable fact: I’m still here. Yes, I still have a life. Many others don’t. And so if you’re reading this and have kept up with the journey then my one abiding wish is for you to continue to chase down your demons, open your mind to something fresh and never look back in the hope that this life will be more meaningful than the last. It won’t.

As the saying goes, we’re all on a journey. To where? Who knows. But being true to who you are is as important now as when it was first mentioned all those years ago.