Trust your instincts

A little piece on trusting to our instincts

We all look for help from time to time. The social media paradigm has helped with that in a way that few of us could imagine. But at some stage we have to make a decision which is not always as easy as Yes/No – some decisions may be a fudge. But however you have come to your eventual point of no return you have to trust to your instincts. No more so when things get really sketchy and you can’t seem to get a handle on the outcome largely because there is no role model or person who has been through the same scenario as the one that you are facing. Your instincts are not always right and we are all plagued by an element of indecision from time to time but at least if we have gone with something then it is far harder to place the “If only I …” in the way and we have to take greater responsibility for our acts or omissions.

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