Walking the twin trail

“There is incredible generosity in the potentialities of Nature. We only have to discover how to utilize them.”

– E F Schumacher

I’m again indebted to ‘Mac‘ of Embercombe for reminding us that life’s purpose is not just the unlocking of our genius, but embracing nature and deeply considering our place within it. Indeed, I’m as guilty as the next person of thinking only about the inner Self but, in truth, without an acceptance of our place in the natural world we are nothing.

Just imagine a world devoid of water, clean air and wild animals!

If this is yet another shift in my thinking then I’m comfortable with the label (whatever it is…), but the truth is, for as long as I can recall, I’ve been drawn to nature, in all its resplendent glory. (I grew up near Dartmoor, spent all my childhood outdoors and care deeply for flora, fauna and animals, as my veganism would lay testament.)

Before we all get carried away with our life’s thesis, it’s as well to remember that nature is still the best source of wisdom for living a higher purpose, meaningful life. The problem for all humanity, though, is that we take everything for granted and are selfish. In truth, we’ll only awaken from our catastrophic slumber when we aren’t able to draw clean water, breathe clean air and have enough food to eat.

You might think that day will never come, but are you willing to take the risk?

And so, if I can ask one more thing of you (…I know I’m heavy on exhortation), it’s to consider whether the life you’re leading is based on the twin trail or only the ego-dominated one where everything else be damned?

Over to you.

PS. Mac does a wonderful job in this video of laying out further the idea of the twin trail