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Twitter and the Cheese Sandwich

Twitter and the Cheese Sandwich

If I hear this comment once more, I swear that I am going to scream (Aaargh….!!).

The whole idea of social media is to be social and why wouldn’t you want to tell people (no I should say your friends) what was on your mind?

The trouble is that people look at social media as if it is a substitute for their marketing effort and of course they can’t equate that with a person to person dialogue. Marketing has traditionally been about the one to many paradigm.

Just remember, when you are next stuck on this issue, that behind every Tweet (no matter how irrelevant it may seem) is a person. Yes, someone has to hit a button at some stage. And they will know of or be connected to people, and who knows they may even want to deal with you on the basis that you were bothered enough to engage.

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